The Brexit Opportunity

For the first time in decades, the national conversation is all about politics. Brexit has left us without a plan, but with deeper engagement from more people about what our country should look like in the future.

This project offers you the chance to join the conversation for a progressive future

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Opportunity in Crisis is a project which aims to change our society so as to improve the lives of people in Britain. The method is a revolutionary one. It starts not by setting out a campaign, an ideology or a manifesto. It simply asks people what they think should be done to improve our country.  The aim is to get people together to develop a package of measures which can both shape Britain’s future relationship with the world and address our social problems. Meetings are being held across the country to this end.

The vote to leave the EU has engendered a need to rapidly develop consensus as to the terms of our new relationship with the EU and beyond. There has been no agreement or democratic decision on how we should reshape our relationship with the EU. This project seeks to some extent to fill this hole by encouraging deep discussion what people across the country want for this future.

At the same time as working out how we will relate to Europe, there are urgent questions to be asked about domestic policy. This project is about asking people what they want to change within our borders.

The aim is to develop from these discussions, a package of measures upon which a campaign for a better Britain can be founded. There are no preconceptions.

The power of discussion and debate is infinite. We don’t know what will emerge. Join us.


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